Father Sal's Reflections

The beautiful hand-carved wooden statue of Our Lady of Pompei graces the present-day church which observes its parish celebration on the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, Oct. 7. The recognition that the parish falls under the Patroness of Our Lady of the Rosary of Pompei. 

The image of Our lady of Pompei and the other photos on the website capture so beautifully and eloquently the grace and simplicity that inspire a true devotion to the Lord. The simplicity of its architecture speaks of a blend of a traditional and modern style. The authentic witness of devotion comes from a community of the faithful that expresses its devotion in a charism of simplicity combined with a strong family bond. 

Founded in 1916 as a national parish for the care of the Italian people of the Stoney Road section of the city of Paterson, 'The Silk City' to work in the textile mills and factories that needed cheap labor. To its present day it is a welcoming community for all people of various ethnic backgrounds. All who enter its doors are blessed with the special presence of Our Lady of Pompei. She continues to gather under her gaze all those with various needs. She blesses with her Son as seen in the image of Our Lady of Pompei. 

Our Lady of Pompei Church offers a spirituality that has emerged from a people especially devoted to Our Lady of Pompei. A hope that was proclaimed to an immigrant people who struggled to find their way in a new world. It is the same hope extended to all who worship to this day at Pompei.

In summary, a strong presence of Our Lady, strong family bond, a welcoming community to all people who seek the truth and simplicity of the Gospel. 

Pray For Us

-Father Sal Panagia